Patient Reviews & Testimonials

Jane A.

Heather works hard to help me I enjoy the sessions I do the exercises between sessions and that will be key for my getting more healthy

Robin W.

I cannot say enough good things about Tula Physical Therapy and Wellness. First, they helped my mother (101 yrs) with all of her balance, and mobility issues. Now I go to Tula for help with lower back issues, lumbar stenosis and pain down one leg. I started working with Heather, who is laying out a plan for me to do the right exercises and stretches that I need to help my pain. As well as exercises that I need to do at home. I love the atmosphere, the people and the one on one attention. I’ve already started feeling better after two sessions, so I am encouraged as always before. I truly love this place and the people!

Todd S.

Mike B is the best! Dedicated to his patients health and wellbeing, keeping every session fun, challenging and different.

Georgia B.

Wonderful calm atmosphere. Genuine warm reception. Terrific physical therapist, Jacinthe.

Carlos V.

Beautiful space. Excellent physical therapist. Already seeing improvement. Glad I found this place.

bonnie w.

Excellent session with Heather

Ann W.

Very hands on individualized personal experience. Best physical therapy I have ever had.

Angela F.

Careful, thoughtful and professional! Love my therapist! She has pushed me and encouraged me to strengthen my quads and hamstrings post bilateral partial knee replacements!!! Ouch!!

Joanne G.

Heather is wonderful‼️very knowledgeable and focuses on my weak steady

Sue M.

I came to Shift with a broken shoulder. Over the course of many months, Lisa Blum worked with me, and now it's back to functioning as it should. She is focused, knowledgeable, listened carefully to my concerns and adjusted exercises as needed. I'm very appreciative of her help and highly recommend her. In addition, the Shift facility is clean, pleasant and well run.

John C.

I had an excellent experience at Tula today. Twenty days out from total knee replacement surgery, I met with Jacinthe Duvinage who clearly laid out my rehab program and worked through each of the exercises, answering all of my many questions. She obviously has deep experience with and knowledge of this process. Beyond that, she was very skillful in helping me deal with the pain and aversion that I will need to address to achieve my goals of recovery. I feel greatly supported and encouraged.

Claire M.

HAve consulted therapists for a number of years. Current and past therapists excellent, informative about issues causing problems and treating with very good results. Significant progress with balance and strength issues.

debbie i.

Mike is incredible!

Lawrence S.

Therapist was very knowledgeable and able to explain clearly what exercises I should do for what reasons.

susan s.

Mike is professional, explains everything, knows his stuff — and is a super nice guy

Jerry L.

Excellent care and therapist Mike Broe is a find.

June H.

My physical therapist at Tula PT, Lisa is fantastic. She has helped me enormously by having me use specific exercises, doing manual and machine massages and using applied heat. Lisa focuses on the various physical issues I bring to her attention with genuine concern, expertise and interest. And thru her work and my home regimen, we make the problem disappear.

Suzanne R.

I am very impressed by the airiness and cleanliness of the space. Both of the physical therapists I have worked with are not only knowledgeable but friendly and excellent.

Patricia S.

Heather Mims is a terrific physical therapist. I highly recommend her, as well as Tula Physical Therapy.

Lorraine V.

I have had an excellent experience at Tula. As a result of my sessions with Jeremy, I have been able to avoid meniscus surgery and cortisone shots, for which I am very grateful. Jeremy is highly professional, focused and uses our time together efficiently. He prepares a detailed home plan to supplement the studio visits. As a bonus, he is a lovely person with whom to interact. The Tula facility itself is a large, bright, comfortable space with friendly, efficient front desk staff. Highly recommended.

Sylvia R.

The Tula space is clean and spacious. The office staff is helpful and answered all my questions. My physical therapist is knowledgeable, patient and provided clear instructions along with do-able homework exercises. I recommend Tula highly.

Linda C.

Fabulous therapist in a lovely place

Peggy S.

I have been going to Tula for about 5 months. The space is spacious and filled with light. There is a very wide variety of machines, weights and equipment necessary for stretching and strengthening. I’ve gotten to know 4 of the therapists, and have found them all to be extremely knowledgeable, patient, kind and encouraging. They combine elements of yoga and Pilates in my sessions, which are both enjoyable and effective. I have definitely gotten stronger and am in considerably less pain and discomfort than when I started.

Anthony C.

This is a wonderful center with excellent professionals. The staff is friendly and competent. I've been working with Jacinthe who is knowledgeable and paces the treatment to my speed. Good experience.

linda h.

Receptionists were very courteous, cheerful and prompt, and offered me water to drink. Heather was her usual professional, meticulous, lovely self.

Rima B.

Heather is a highly skilled, and knowledgeable physical therapist. She is easy to talk to and creative. Her exercises, instruction and massages have made it possible for me to walk farther and move more freely.

Rhe K.

Good workout today. Feeling energized.

Craig K.

Lisa Blum is a great PT. I should know as I’ve had many. All Shift PTs have been excellent.

Kenneth J.

I had an shoulder injury and worked with Jacinthe Duvinage. She was caring and competent. She always knew what exercises were best for my full recovery. I’m grateful to have worked with her.

Thomas O.

Back in July ‘22 I had a total knee replacement on my right knee and I did my PT at Tula. Then in January’23 I had a total knee replacement on my left knee and there was never any doubt that I would do my PT at Tula again. And the reason for that was their therapist Mike B. Mike is a very knowledgeable and very professional therapist with a gentle touch. He pushes me to get my range of motion back but never too much to make it too uncomfortable. Mike is also very personable with a great sense of humor. Always very pleasant sessions.

Madeline A.

Jacinthe is perfect! She is knowledgeable, kind, patient, and helpful. She gives just the right amount of explanation… Not too much, and not too little… And makes me confident that the physical therapy will help.

Jerry F.

Verry 👍 😊 good …

Arline R.

Have used Tula Physical Therapy several times and am perfectly satisfied with them. They are organized, place is clean, appointments are kept exactly as made, physical therapists are very professional.

G G.

I have just completed my series of physical therapy sessions at Tula with Matt and the experience has been truly remarkable. I have taken PT sessions elsewhere and I can honestly say that Matt makes PT something to look forward to. He personalizes each session which is specifically attuned to your body’s needs. He is very knowledgeable and adept at developing a sincere rapport with his patients. The facility is clean, well lit and tranquil and managed so smoothly by a competent, dedicated staff. Anders at the front desk is extremely organized, and scheduling either at the front desk or online is seamless. In a city of many PT options, Tula is a very special place.

Anne F.

This is a great facility. My therapist Heather Sims was terrific. Knowledgeable and very helpful. My observation of other therapists and how they worked with clients led me to believe everyone there was good. Very friendly helpful staff as well. I’d highly recommend to anyone needing PT.

brian g.

Great start to recovery

felix p.

I met with Heather and was met with courtesy and right away felt she would be as good as the people I have had before at Shift. I am very happy with her demeanor and professionalism.

Jacky H.

My trainer, Michael, knows how to fix everything! Desk staff, especially Anders, are beyond helpful and courteous. I’m stronger than ever. I highly recommend Tula!

pat l.

I had a wonderful experience at Tula. It's a spacious, beautiful and peaceful place. Matt taught me exercises to get my muscle strength back after having hip replacement surgery. He was very patient and knowledgeable. He also taught me some tai chi to help with balance, which I found calming and relaxing.

Robin S.

i really feel i am getting so much out of our session. very happy with tula and jeremy my physical therapist

Robert B.

Very informative and helpful

Page S.

Tula is tip-top in every aspect. Heather Mins is a sharp, insightful, creative, common-sense PT with verbal acuity and imagination plus a lot of experience. Anders and Olivia at the front desk are warm, patient, quick-thinking. The space is flooded with natural light in three sides with graceful arched windows.

Shelley E.

Shift Wellness is a top notch facility. The staff is helpful and very cordial. Lisa Blum is knowledgeable, patient and gentle. She has led me in the right direction and is attentive to my needs. She’s highly trained and I recommend her without hesitation.

Richard W.

Great first experience. It was my first time going for physical therapy. They were very professional and knowledgeable.

Bruce C.

I thought Heather was thoughtful, caring and professional. The space is peaceful and airy. The staff friendly and efficient.

Ashton A.

Superb therapists, really great support staff, nice office

zooeyzooey z.

Heather was a wealth of knowledge. Kind considerate. She put me at ease. I would definitely recommend her and of course Anders at the desk is so lovely

Naomi C.

The office staff are super helpful and physical therapists are superb—kind, creative healers. And the space is beautiful and calm.

Peggy S.

The facility is very clean, spacious and well-equipped with machines, weights, etc. My therapist is very knowledgeable and friendly. She takes notes every session and gives me new exercises based on how I’m feeling that day.

Randi M.

Beautiful, clean facility; pleasant and accommodating reception/scheduling; highly skilled, knowledgeable and personable therapist!

Molly M.

Tula takes such good care of me! I’ve had successive injuries since Labor Day, and Lauren Lee is helping me heal through a careful progression of exercises, patience, and clear communication. I’m an aerialist and Lauren shows a strong interest in understanding my physical activities and supporting my goals with her expertise. She is a great listener and attentive to detail. She’s also responsive to my questions over email between appointments, and the app she uses to track my PT program is easy to use and enables me to provide feedback on my progress throughout the week. Adrian Caban is an amazing massage therapist with a strong sports medicine orientation informed by his extensive knowledge of anatomy and movement. He is very intuitive and is helping me correct a number of muscular and postural habits that have made me more prone to injury. He is empathetic and integrates stress management concepts and healthy living advice along the way, which has been tremendously helpful to me. He goes above and beyond and really gives the best massages I’ve ever had! He also offers personal training which I’ll be starting next month and I know that will only further my journey to being stronger and healthier. Though individual appointments are available, Tula’s packages offer a discount and are flexible to use for any of their wellness services or even to gift to a friend. They don’t take insurance but Anders and Olivia at the front desk have been really helpful with my invoices and sorting out occasional issues with my insurer. I highly recommend Tula as a practice, and Lauren and Adrian in particular! Whether you need physical therapy, massage, or other wellness services, this is hands-down the place to go.

Milton M.

Lauren Lee has provided and guided me through an excellent regimen of coordinated exercises which have dramatically improved my mobility and alleviated my pain. This also eliminated my dependence on pain relievers. Her patience, manner and demeanor are all first rate. She excels at what she does and I look forward to our sessions.

Barbara K.

Lisa Blum is a very thoughtful and kind person. She has worked with me to strengthened my shoulder for a little over a month. It is pretty much back to normal. I would recommend her to anyone needing PT and I already have recommened her to a few persons who need PT.

Tracey H.

I arrived at Shift Wellness weak and in pain from a lower back condition. Lisa Blum, my physical therapist, has been remarkable, restoring my strength, lessening my pain and giving me hope that I will lead a full life again. (I am well on my way.) I can't say enough good things about Lisa Blum, and about Shift Wellness, which offers so many ways to feel and live better.

Francie L.

Great diagnostician. Very smart. Super attentive to my experience. She went the extra mile to do outstanding work with me.

Joel S.

Terrific. 5 star PT

ankit k.

I've been suffering from chronic pain for the past four years. I've seen numerous physical therapists without having significant improvement in my condition and having to do exercises which often themselves cause me pain while doing them. I came to Lisa Blum here in Shift, and I've never met someone who cares so much about what they do and how sincere and thorough they are. She has worked with me to come up with two exercise programs - one for yoga and another for physical therapy exercises. She's patiently worked with me to find the right set of exercises which I am able to do without pain, and am able to progress with them. It just amazes me to see how much she cares about the well being of her patients.

Richard W.

Place was clean and efficiently run. Lisa was professional, knowledgeable, hard working and invested any success.

Tracey H.

My family has a long, extremely positive history with Shift Wellness. My son came here to rehabilitate after two major orthopedic surgeries, and they were fantastic. And now, physical therapist Lisa Blum at Shift is making great progress with my back problems and generally getting me back in shape. I can't say enough about the cheerful, postive, can-do attitude at Shift, or the expertise of their professionals.

june j.

With Dr. Lisa's instructions I am improving every day.

Lynn S.

Matt, I had a healing crisis,! so tired and weary, stomach sensitive. A bit shakey. When walking home, my entire body was moving!! Let’s see what tomorrow brings! Thanks! Lynn

Leah J.

Matt Leve understands how bodies function and is able to pinpoint the source of a patient's problems and find the best treatment. He has a great capacity for revealing and explaining what is troubling a patient and, accordingly, for providing the appropriate remedies. He is gentle and easy to work with. I am delighted to benefit from his services.

Constance E.

I have done training with Heather Mims over the past eight months and feel eminently grateful for her expertise and care. One of her signature qualities is precision: her knowledge of bones, muscles, tendons leads her to suggest even smallest physical adjustments to make any exercise maximally beneficial. The variety she has introduced in our sessions has kept me on my toes and made it fun. I look forward to continuing with Heather and thank her for making me stronger.


I have gotten the Care needed to get better and move on. I am so grateful.

Lester R.

Jeremy is knowledgeable and he listens and is personable

michelina f.

Heather is the best in town

Natalia K.

Lisa is very caring and very professional.

robert g.

Excellent rehab facility. Lauren Lee is a very positive specialist who encourages as well as pushes me to do better. It has worked.

George Z.

Lisa is professional, thorough and engaging. It was largely because of her physical therapy program that led to full recovery from hip replacement.

Saundra K.

Jeremy is an excellent physical therapist.

Marilyn E.

Lauren provided a sense of security as I addressed a physical issue, based on her obvious expertise, ability to listen and help me strategize and kindness. I give her exceedingly high accolades.

Laura S.

very accurate diagnostic process

jack g.


Judy R.

No one is better than Jeremy . He has an aura of calmness and just place niceness that makes it comforting to be around him. His presence just sort of makes you want to do the work. And he knows his stuff so you get stronger while enjoying the process.

Robert D.

Lauren was wonderful. Patient and knowledgeable. The best!

Barbara F.

Lauren was delightful. Kind, patient, positive. Good work. Felt stronger after. See you next week. 🐥🐓🐦🐤😄🐰

James K.

Such a pleasure to be helped by ShiftPT and, in particular, Heather Mims. The scheduling and administrative process surrounding scheduling is easy, efficient and friendly. Heather's work is wonderful - effective, sensitive, precise and exceptionally clear.

elba r.

Professional and thorough! Well equipped facility!

Dr. T.

Matt Leve, PT has been my go to physical therapist for years. Today's visit was for a new variation of an ongoing condition, as prescribed by my orthopedist. Matt did an intake evaluation of the new condition and explained a course of action. He demonstrated and guided me through a series of condition appropriate exercises. Another visit was recommended. All in all, the visit could not have been better!

Barbara S.

Heather is a wonderful physical therapist. She is patient and considerate of my physical limitations. It os a pleasure to work with het.

Rita M.

Jeremy; my physical therapist, showed me very clearly how to perform the exercises that would improve my shoulder. In my opinion, he is an excellent therapist. I would recommend his services to my friends and relatives. My shoulder did improve, and I expect it will get back to "normal".

Brenda P.

Shift follows all the protocols for Covid health. The tables are cleaned after each use. My therapist, Lisa, makes sure all of the equipment is wiped down before use. Lisa understands my problems and is working on building my strength and confidence so I can move forward. Lisa is intuitive, smart and most lovely.

Jamie N.

Claudia is very nice and very personable. She asks about how you are and your comfort levels to make sure you are ok and to make sure she isn't using too much pressure. I highly recommend her for massage therapy.

Joseph A.

Always clean, orderly. Very beige. It is a well done interior with some very good wall graphics

Pamela S.

I always feel better after the session!

Morocco C.

Heather Mims is the best PT I've ever had - & I've had quite a few good ones over the years - esp. at Shift.

Vivian R.

Currently on my third round of therapy at Shift, 3 occasions all requiring different therapies. A knee injury, a spinal injury and currently a Parkinson’s diagnosis. On my first visit I was assigned to Jeremy, based on that experience, I have requested Jeremy as my therapist on the following occasions. I was confident that Jeremy would develop the best program to address the recovery from my injury. Always encouraging my progress without pushing me beyond my ability

Larry S.

Matt is the total professional, fully understanding of his clients needs and limitations. He has a extensive knowledge of the various techniques and modalities needed to assist clients.

Cheryl C.

Heather is very thorough, caring and attentive. I’m doing physi app and even at that I’m feeling the points of impact that she conveys to me.

Joseph M.

Excelent program. Great results and lots of useful knowledge for future use.

Diane F.

I love my weekly visit to Lisa's yoga class. I leave there feeling energized & fully relaxed at the same time!

Ellen S.

Shift staff are welcoming, helpful and very knowledgeable. Jeremy is clearly committed to his clients, very experienced and always thinking about his clients issues and how to help them feel better! Shift is a great place for PT. I can’t say enough about how helpful, supportive and professional all the staff are!

J W.

Appreciate detail of intake and soothing competence of therapist.

Dara B.

There is, I believe, no better physical therapist to work with then Jeremy Laverdure. His attitude is consistently positive and his interest in his patient is sincere, as he considers the individual - their condition and the best approach toward healing. I am very appreciative of both Shift and Jeremy, a wondrous combination.

vaibhav s.

I came to Dr. Graham with a skin issue. He was very patient with me and explained to me the best course of action in my case and all the reasoning behind it. He even looked up at all my supplements and medicines that I was taking that may or may not have an impact on my condition. He was also quite understandable to the fact that for me a more sustainable and smaller change works better than sweeping changes so he has put me on that one.

Jules M.

My experience with Lois has been excellent.

Joan W.

I have now had more than d dozen sessions and find that the combination of strengthening exercises, gentle Feldencrais exercises and Matt's guidance on reducing tension and learning more efficient ways to move are extremely helpful. They are improving my balance, my gait, even the ability to lift heavy objects more easily, like cast iron skillets when i am cooking.

Beverly H.

Specialists with deep knowledge of appropriate movements.

Anita G.

Lisa Blum is professional, compassionate and punctual!

Agnes I.

The staff is very courteous, friendful and ready to help. Dr. Graham is my kind of doctor..He invites you to talk to him and he really listens, showing the utmost concern for you as his patient. So I'm very much at ease when I visit him. My daughter has really put me in capable and good hands.

David F.

Matt Leve is a multi-talented therapist, seeking more efficient and comfortable body flexibility and movement through use of a few different modalities, in addition to hands-on therapy. In short, he’s great!

Cynthia A.

Dr. Robert Graham is one of the best you can go to. He takes time with all patients and has knowledge in so many different areas and... he is dedicated to the most natural and non-invasive ways to achieve your best health. I would recommend him to everyone.

Barbara M.

I am more than satisfied with my experience at Shift and with Lisa Blum. She is professional, very competent, and always responsive to questions and concerns. Additionally, her treatment plan is tailored to the client; she can adjust the exercise regimen quickly based on progress or discomfort by checking in frequently with the client. She did a wonderful job with me and I feel that a great deal of my progress is due to her ongoing and flexible assessment of my progress and vast repertory of exercises. She should be considered a great value to Shift!

Denise H.

Very satisfied with my visit, as always. Dr Graham has been my internist for years. He is a very caring and dedicated doctor.

Kathleen H.

Been there for 2 separate and different issues. More than just a satisfying experience. My issues were taken care of by a very knowledgeable staff. The front desk people couldn’t be more helpful. I highly recommend Shift to others!

Michael S.

I had a great PT experience with Sarah here, who got me right back on track from an injury. She and all the staff at Shift were always v friendly and helpful, and the location is a nice light and airy space to rehabilitate in.

Peter G.

I couldn't be more pleased with my experience at Shift Integrative Medicine. The staff is amazing. Sarah Bogorad Mintz, my physical therapist, is simply top notch. She walks you through each exercise, takes the time to explain its purpose and helps you master it so that you maximize its benefits. She varies the routines, taking advantage of all the equipment they have to offer. She's patient and incredibly encouraging. I'm getting toward the tail end of treatment and so grateful for all her help. The facilities are clean and well-equipped and the rest of the staff couldn't be more friendly and welcoming. Really, if you have to go through PT, I would highly recommend Shift.

Isabelle A.

Sarah was wonderful. She helped me regain my strength and flexibility after a broken elbow. I found her very knowledgeable and very pleasant to work with. The videos of the exercises were extremely helpful as well. Anders, the office manager, was also helpful with dealing with my insurance, providing the additional documentation required and not charging me until the insurance had processed the claims fully.

Donald S.

This is in fact Diana Freedman-Shea, a Shift client, as my google account appears dismantled and I do not want anyone who needs PT to postpone it. My experience at Shift was superb. My therapist Sarah, was thoroughly in tune with my body and disposition, and I am now walking without any hint of any disability from my knee injury. Certainly, like most of us , I certainly appreciated the focus on ME. Getting beyond that, the facility was lovely ,and all aspects of the organization efficient.. Indeed, I graduated, with the skills to manage my own self-care. But I am a bit wistful about my time at Shift. I hope to utilize their Wellness program in the future.

Marissa B.

The change from where I started on day one to where I am today is hard to believe! After going through a series of stressful events within a short time, somewhere along the way, I had cut myself off from my body. My body was something I noticed only when it held me back or didn't fit into an outfit like I thought it 'should'. However, the daily bouts of nausea, bloating, fatigue and anxiety finally forced me to pay attention. Being advised from many different sources that "I needed to come back into my body" I was desperate enough to give it a try but unsure where to begin, or even what that really meant. After reading a blog post by Lindsay on the Parsely Health website, it sounded like Lindsay definitely knew. I thought "she may be the entryway I have been looking for." I was so right. Her calm, nurturing demeanor immediately made me feel comfortable and willing to share all my concerns and hopes. During the first appointment she listened intently and asked lots of questions. We then went through a few breathing exercises and movements that I could do at home. In this single session I had a taste of the power presence, breathe and movement and left with concrete tools at my disposal. After just 6 weeks my anxiety is reduced, my digestion issues have disappeared and I wake up eager to start my day connecting to my body and the present moment! A complete 180. And while I have lost weight and generally feel lighter and full of vitality, the best part of all is the feeling of empowerment knowing that these tools are available to me at any given moment. That is the lifelong gift Lindsay gave me. Profoundly grateful. I will definitely be back and already have a list of friends and family I am sending her way.

Kathleen F.

The space is contemporary, spacious, bright and sunny, the office staff helpful and efficient. Sarah M. was very profession, informative and light-hearted, a real pleasure to learn from. A very positive experience overall.

Lorraine D.

I wish there were five more stars so that I could accurately show the quality of Sarah Bogorad Mintz's abilities and knowledge in regard to working with me to improve every movement that I make. Sarah sees everything that I do, how I do them and how I could improve them, which ultimately helps me to improve me. Sarah sees the whole person and then points out the isolated conditions that need improvement. Sarah also speaks in such a helpful: soft, direct and sweet way. I am blessed to have her work with me.

Dorothy R.

The physical therapy that I received at Shift Integrative Medicine lives up to the name of the organization. I was referred for specific treatment of an arthritic knee. Their assessment of how my use of my entire body, as well as my mental outlook, affected the functioning of the ailing part was a most effective approach. Sarah Mintz's positive, upbeat attitude made the treatment a teamwork effort, leading to immediate results as well as to motivation for maintaining the progress in the future.

Susan S.

Thank you to the staff at Shift – a talented group of knowledgeable, friendly, and professional individuals. It all starts with Anders, Fatimah, and Taylor who manage the front desk. Warm and cheerful, they go out of their way to help you. Yoga Meeting regularly with Lindsay, my yoga instructor, has been an invaluable investment. Lindsay provides the support I need to begin learning about yoga by customizing my lessons, challenging me, and incorporating calmness into our sessions. She has extensive knowledge of yoga and is a great source of encouragement for me. Massage Therapy Elizabeth and Leslie are very intuitive and talented massage therapists who know their craft. They are professional, respectful, and really tuned in to their clients. They have been terrific in understanding my back problems and finding the right techniques and pressure. All of your efforts truly make a difference and I sincerely thank you!