NormaTec Recovery

Speed up your recovery from a tough workout or simply relax and let the rhythmic dynamic compression technology of NormaTec® Recovery Boots take you away from your day's physical and emotional stresses. Tula Physical Therapy & Wellness in the Union Square neighborhood of Manhattan uses this intermittent pneumatic compression technology to promote muscle recovery by increasing the circulation of lymph and blood from the extremities back to the heart. To schedule an appointment at the New York City office, call the team or book online.

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NormaTec Recovery Q & A

What is NormaTec recovery?

The NormaTec recovery system is an innovative treatment to accelerate your recovery and relieve sore and aching legs. NormaTec recovery boots use a combination of pulses, compression, and gradients to boost your circulation and enhance tissue repair.

The treatment is popular with athletes who want to maximize their recovery and improve their performance. The state-of-the-art system mimics your muscles' natural contractions to flush toxins from your body and increase the flow of oxygen-rich blood to your depleted muscles.

What happens during NormaTec treatment?

NormaTec treatment is relaxing, and many patients say it feels like a thorough massage. You wear the boots for 20-30 minutes. You feel a pulsing sensation, starting near your feet. As the pulse moves up your legs, a gentle compression replaces it.

Your provider at Tula Physical Therapy & Wellness offers customized advice on how many treatments you need. They give you personalized instructions on what to expect from treatment.

How does NormaTec recovery work?

The NormaTec boots apply a rhythmic pattern of pulses, holds, and releases at different points of your legs. The treatment starts at your feet, pulsing to stimulate circulation then applying compression to help propel blood back up through your legs.

Your veins carry blood back to your heart and lungs. They have tiny valves that help push your blood along its journey. The NormaTec treatment supports your vascular health, preventing blood from leaking backward and causing cramps, heaviness, and other symptoms.

Prolonged, static pressure can interfere with your circulation. NormaTec recovery boots release their hold as soon as the pressure isn't needed to prevent backflow.

What are the benefits of NormaTec boots?

In addition to accelerating your recovery, NormaTec boots provide various benefits. The treatment can increase your:

  • Range of motion
  • Flexibility
  • Stamina

Your body also becomes better equipped to repair the microscopic tears that occur when you train and compete in sports.

Who is a good candidate for NormaTec treatments?

NormaTec treatments are ideal for anyone who participates in sports or other physically demanding activities. You don't need to be a professional athlete — weekend-warriors, Crossfitters, or student-athletes can benefit from treatment.

NormaTec therapy can also accelerate your recovery after surgery. Efficient circulation is critical to tissue repair. The Tula Physical Therapy & Wellness team may recommend NormaTec as part of your physical therapy program.

If you're interested in NormaTec recovery therapy, call Tula Physical Therapy & Wellness, or schedule a consultation online today.